Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Theories About CERN Opening the Pit

Warning on this video, it mentions Enoch. It is not scripture.

There is a picture of the CERN "campus" in this video

CERN creeps me out. There is probably a reason they do have a statue of Shiva the destroyer outside of it. There have been mainstream scientists even who warned it could open up a black hole on earth and bring other dire consequences. Like with nuclear bombs [if they exist] no one ever asks "Should we?" The CERN logo definitely does have an OBVIOUS 666, design.

What is creepy is the scientists themselves joke about "the elder gods"--[demons] being awakened.


Gwen said...

The CERN logo is literally everywhere. The Black Child on YouTube has a video on it. I can't unsee it now.

Bible Believer said...

Gwen I agree. I have seen it other places too. They have occult symbols imbedded into so many logos out there. I will look up the Black Child video.

Anonymous said...

is cern an angel with a key to the pit?


be careful of jewish myth and fable.

cern is a big cash cow that does nothing.

Leahlive said...

Wow, I have just been learning about this CERN in regards to the Hoover Dam. A woman did her homework about the connection between the 2 and the portal it is supposed to open, and made a video about it. (will give link if you like). All I know is reading this and studying this has made me spirit within me scream. It has caused such an uneasiness in my spirit that there is way more to this.

I am curious BB. I have been following you for some time. As a matter of fact this is where the Lord sent me to start waking up and I trust what you reveal. Lately I have been seeing so much about the missing books of the bible and how they have been hid from us, especially Enoch. I have been praying and asking God if I should be reading these. So now I see you say the statement about it not being part of the scriptures.

Anything you can tell me about this because I was believing that they had been intentionally removed and that I was missing Holy Scripture from God. Always seeking TRUTH.

Thanks BB, Leah

Bible Believer said...

Enoch is not scripture.

In fact when I was UU, I knew it was read in occult circles, and they also used it in esoteric and other writings. I knew about the "watchers" aka nephilim then.

So be careful of false teachers who will claim Enoch is lost scripture.

This goes against God's promises to us about the preservation of His Word.

I have read some of Enoch and know it is not scripture. I was told by God not to read Enoch or other gnostic gospels too. I had read a few pages of Enoch and was convicted to put it down.

Bible Believer said...

How is this a Jewish fable and myth?

[seriously interested remember with this one, this is simply examination stuff]

Why would they pour billions into CERN unless perhaps if it is another fake money clean out?

Anonymous said...

How is this a Jewish fable and myth?

Really? Just look at the write up that the "believer" leahlive left in comments.

The god particle alone is myth.

C'mon. Just like ebolas fake, we don't go to space, 9/11 was a hoax, no kids died at sandy hook, there was no bomb at the boston marathon, and nuclear bombs are a hoax...

Now someone quickly counter this and make this about cluesforum or something stupid.

If you don't see how CERN was created out of thin air as an end time cash cow to get scripturally ignorant Christians all riled up and create more false gods and rituals and stupidity then im sorry.

probably also think that the earth is round like on the iphone pic...

most aren't able to read between the lines and only trust men and science and blah and blah and blah

Bible Believer said...

The title of my thread was THEORIES and the post of a video. I have not made my mind up about CERN but have concerns.

I warned Leahlive that Enoch is not scripture. I have articles warning of Jewish fables.

the god particle stuff is nonsense.

I have warned about the Nephilim too. I know some of the Nephilim promoters definitely could use CERN stuff.

Ebola being a hoax has been discussed on this blog.

9/11 as an inside job/hoax/fake planes is a given on this blog.

I have written I do not believe we ever have been to the moon.

Crisis actors have been talked about here.

Why argue with cluesforum? the place is interesting. Hope it's not controlled opp. Some interesting posts on there. So much is nowadays. It's another website. the only thing a Christian can trust completely is God's Word.

I find the nuclear hoax stuff fascinating. I have not made my mind up about that one. Some issues you need time to examine.

You may be right with CERN maybe it's a cash cow and money clean-out. Maybe that Mayan calendar looking round thing is fake filled in with foil and wires while they fill up their Swiss bank accounts. Maybe they borrow it as a "star gate" off a defunct science fiction movie. if you want to present a case in comments here, please go ahead.

Some of us are curious about what exactly they are experimenting with. Obviously on this blog I have referred to counterfeit end times or fulfillment of Revelation.

Hey I still have to investigate the earth is round stuff according to scripture still that one verse that refers to a "sphere" ISA 40:22

Obviously since I have not been up in space or the sky, I do not know the shape of the world 100% I have not seen it but I will trust God's Word about it.

Of course is all science false? We have to be careful of those who would get Christians labeled as non-thinkers denying things like the usefulness of antibiotics, and thyroid pills and stuff like that, oh things I have personally witnessed. It would be impossible for everything scientific to be false. My car still propels me forward somehow. Of course the real definition of science is THAT which is observable--see my reference about what I know about the shape of the earth, this is why the Hindu influenced quantum "physics" annoys me.

Leahlive said...

Annonymous, Scripturally, we are to be wise as serpents, yet gentle as doves. Now I walked my first 4 yrs. doing the Christianite thing, being led around to all this fake worship, money grab thing. And I praise God that He opened my eyes to the lies of this world and started peeling back veil after veil.

It's bad enough that there are so few leading the flock to TRUTH, but to mock someone who is trying to ask questions when there are so few speaking truth, is pretty unloving and not scriptural at all. That is if you are a "believer". When I was still in immaturity, I had that "c'mon" figure it out, it's all a lie" attitude. But did it help anyone? NO. God showed me how to try to wake people up without bashing them over the head and making them feel stupid.

All of the things you mention are of course false flags-so called magic tricks and we just had a major false flag here in Canada to take more of our rights away. How I got saved was through the scientific approach because that is how God knew He could reach me. It was through Kent Hovind Creation vs. Evolution and I was peeved that I had been lied to my whole life, 41 yrs. of evolution garbage. There is definitely science but it is the gagged scientist method causing damage. So these past 8 yrs has been a journey of seeking the truth from the false and not blindly following the rest of the flock.

So how I have learned, is to ask questions and the best teachers are the ones that God will say "well done". Mocking someone for asking a question or trying to make sense in a world where nothing makes sense except the Word of God, doesn't exactly "qualify" now does it?

So to assume that I have bought into the lies they have been pumping out, from asking a question about something I have only recently stumbled upon...not helpful to me or anyone else God may be waking up.

Is this world a huge satanic ritual? yes. But this "the world is not round" and yes this CERN thing are new to me and if someone could explain, and show how it doesn't align with scripture, rather than be so condescending, it may go much further. That is if you love your brethren. I have been coming here for years because BB is doing this out of love not arrogance.

I could have walked away from here just feeling stupid by these comments, but if I look foolish asking, so be it. This isn't about pride, it is about not wanting to be deceived. Scripturally, God does say that He gives them power to do these things and to deceive people. I get that they are planning a fake alien invasion or something of that sort, but to not believe that they are messing with stuff that God warned would be like the days of Noah, would be ignoring scripture. I don't believe in the God particle but I do believe that Gods' judgement is from man messing with things he shouldn't as well as the depravity mankind has sunk to.

Anonymous said...

Was the poster mocking when mentioning the "earth being round"?

Isaiah 40:22 - It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:

If that cannot be trusted, then nothing in Isaiah or the word of GOD can be trusted!


Anonymous said...

That first video regarding CERN is from BPEarthWatch who has very unbiblical teachings. He instructs regarding the native Indian prophecies as if they are in line with scripture. His link is below - BPEarthWatch -


Bible Believer said...

I put a warning on the video for his praise of Enoch. Thanks for telling us about supporting native Indian prophecies.

William Sculley said...

They joke about it because it's about as possible for this to open the "pit" as it is for the particle accelerator to tie my shoe into a complex square knot patter with an owl design.

They are looking to see how the world functions at the subatomic level, which can help us in the future with better computers, better models of how the world works, and could even disprove the Big Bang enough that even the staunchest defenders have to reject the Big Bang, because, as the rules of physics go: if something happens that the current mathematical models don't explain, then the models must be wrong.

William Sculley said...

I mentioned in my last comment that the actions happening at CERN, FERMI, the LHC, and other particle colliders could disprove the Big Bang. I figured it would be good to explain this.

According to the Standard Model of Quantum Mechanics, the Quantum world has a form of one of Sir Isaac Newton's laws: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

For the quantum world, this means that for each particle, there is an equal and opposite anti-particle. Every electron has a positron opposite. Every proton has an anti-proton, every quark, an anti-quark.

According to the Big Bang, then, there should be an equal amount of antimatter in the visible universe. There should be massive objects made of anti-matter. Stars, planets, galaxies, etc., should exist in both states of antimatter and matter. But from what we can see in the slice of universe we can see, which spreads out more than 46.6 billion light years from us, we live in a universe that is dominated by Matter, with antimatter existing only in small pockets, created when cosmic rays hit the atmosphere, or in other extremely small collections throughout the universe.

As we find in particle accelerator experiments, matter and antimatter are ALWAYS formed together. If you convert energy into matter, you also convert it into antimatter. If FERMI and CERN can prove that antimatter and matter are always formed together, then scientists will have to trash the Big Bang Theory, since the Big Bang couldn't have created a matter-majority universe.

This is why scientists on both the Creationist side and atheist side of the spectrum are interested in these results, because they could be mathematical proof that the Big Bang Theory is untenable.

Now, I'm aware that the functions of anti-matter and matter are probably past most people's pay grade, because to be honest, they are past mine. But these experiments can be very important to us, since the Standard Model could be the tool that destroys the most troubling fake science ever created.

Anonymous said...

NO, William Sculley...

...because if the CERN results 'disprove' the Big Bang theory (which I strongly suspect will happen), then the Intelligent Design folks will crow in victory while embracing the new 'science' that proves them right.

And what many Christians will think is finally hard proof of their faith (quite an oxymoron, see Hebrews 11:1)... what these Christians will embrace as ultimate validation will in fact be THE Trojan Horse through which false science 'proves' the Occult world view.

This coming delusion scares me to death, especially when I see and hear Christians claiming that CERN could disprove evolution, etc., when it will in fact sweep multitudes of people ('Christian' and non-Christian alike) into the 'quantum spirituality' that is pervading everything.

Please check out Galatians 4 blogs on Fractals and Quantum teachings of the New Age movement, as well as the Herescope series on "The Physics of Heaven" book promoted by Bill Johnson of Charismania/New Apostolic Reformation.

Please seriously consider how such a scientific discovery 'proving' Intelligent Design could (and will) play right into the Occult worldview!

-- And for the record, I do believe God created the world just as His Word says, and those who believe Him will believe without 'proof' from 'science' falsly-so-called.


William Sculley said...

Science is simply the study of how the universe works. I don't need to prove God exists using science, but I know that there is no way that honest science can disprove His existence. How can observation of God's creation ever prove Against God? He made it! It is absurd to think that God would be disproven in science if He created the universe. What science cannot tell us, however, is Who God is.

You cannot know the nature of God by viewing His creations any more than you can know the nature of a man by the knick knacks he creates. Creation can tell you He is creative, but not that He is loving, or all knowing. You cannot experiment to know that Jesus is God incarnate.

Those are all the realms of faith. It is faith that leads to eternal life, which isn't just to live forever. Eternal life is knowing God and the Christ Whom God has sent.

He came that you may live life abundantly, with joy filling everything about you. But when you worry about everything around you, like CERN or FERMI, or the wars in the Middle East, you become like Peter, looking upon the waves and seeing how great they are. Why not look upon your Savior and see how greater He is?

And please, let this news get to your face!

There was a boy named Ken who used to use his sense of humor as a tool to mock this kid at summer camp. Towards the end, the kid, who had a lisp and cerebral palsy, came running across the camp screaming "GOOD NOOS! GOOD NOOS!!!!"

Ken searched his brain for just one more joke, but before he could think of it, Johnny broke into his little circle of friends shouting "GOOD NOOS! Jesus loves ME!" And burst out of the circle shouting "GOOD NOOS!" To all who he could.

That little boy with cerebral palsy knows something that many people in our churches don't: Jesus loves you, and me, and every creature on this little blue marble suspended in a sunbeam!

Some people walk around looking like they swallowed a profusely sweating toad, saying "I've been a Christian for 27 years... And it's been wonderful". It might be a good idea to send missionaries to your face, because it appears the inhabitants there haven't gotten the message!

In all, the troubles of this world are great, but I will quote a great song in response:
"Our God is greater/ our God is stronger/ God You are higher than any other! Our God is healer/ awesome in power/our God!"

Never forget that God is greater than every trouble in your life. Wait upon Him and He will renew your strength, and you shall mount up with wings like eagles. You will run and not be weary, you will walk and not faint.

Bible Believer said...

Why not warn about CERN?

The false churches have everyone snoozing, so everything is A-OK and what has that done but led to the great falling away.

Science is being infiltrated so alot of what we see as being science isn't. There is a reason theories in physics sound like they are right out of Hinduism.

God is great and He is warning us about some lies.

I am glad I won't be fooled by CERN and their other occultic junk.

That little kid God loves him,but God is not against us listening to His warnings.

Science is being used now to DECEIVE.

I need to write an article about this, I am not a scientist but I know enough to know a lot of what they are promoting is FALSE.

I am glad to see AW's theory here,thank you for your post AW. We know they plan to use that alien garbage and already have to discount Gods's Word!

Bible Believer said...

Here is my link with the discussion about Fractals.

I need to go into Chaos theory and other things. Please pray for me to have study time and stamina, this is an article I want to do.

William Sculley said...

There is nothing occultic about particle physics. It's mathematics and observations. In point of fact it is beautiful. It is amazing to me that God could create such a variety of matter from only a handful of particles.

And why shouldn't it be? Shouldn't the work of an awesome God be awe inspiring?

Think of it: we live in a world where the exploration of the most powerful engines in the universe can be performed in your back yard for the price of a good computer! And I'm not talking a simulation. For $1000 dollars, you can build a fusion generator in your backyard! There in your garage, you can harness the very process that powers the sun that God created!

Do you want cheap plasma? Ok! Get a candle and stick it in a microwave in your shed, light the candle and turn the microwave on. Boom! Instant plasma.

To put it in perspective: we have an amazing creation at our fingertips. And while you're busy yelling about how I'm going to somehow open a portal into a nonphysical location using science, I'm going to explore and learn! Because that is what God created us for. He made us so that we can explore His creation and learn more about Him by doing so. He created us that we might worship Him. And how better to worship Him than by tending to the universe He has given us. The second greatest gift God gave us. Let us rejoice for the heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament shows forth His handiwork. And might I add that the quark and lepton show His eye for detail while the atom and molecule show His creative genius!

This beauty is something that inspires me to greater heights of praise. And that beauty can be witnessed with the LHC in CERN. There is nothing to warn about. You can't open the gates of hell with a machine. God declared that the gates of hell would be opened by an angel sent specifically to do that. There is not an angel falling to CERN as far as I know.

Besides that, we haven't met the antichrist yet, so the gates of hell opening is far away. So what is there to warn about? Nothing.
It's fear of the new. There was a time when people said the use of electricity would open the gates of hell. They were wrong then. They are wrong now.

Unknown said...

Finally. Some sense. Thank you, William Sculley.

Josh Lnunya said...

This may make your brain explode and such. Don't confuse the Kabbalah Talmud false mystic Jews mentioned in the bible with the true Jews of God/Jesus. Brace yourself

Unknown said...

Enoch is mentioned in the bible and there is another book mentioned in scripture the book of Jasher. These books are not scripture but are considered history. Enoch provides insight on why the earth was flooded. Jesus said so as in the days of Noah so shall it be when the Son of man comes. I suggest that Christians read the book of Enoch and let the holy spirit speak to you about it. It is a great book in my opinion. Cern is definitely a satanic company that clearly is not hiding who they represent by their logo.

Anonymous said...

Enoch is mentioned in the bible and there is another book mentioned in scripture the book of Jasher. These books are not scripture but are considered history. Enoch provides insight on why the earth was flooded. Jesus said so as in the days of Noah so shall it be when the Son of man comes. I suggest that Christians read the book of Enoch and let the holy spirit speak to you about it. It is a great book in my opinion. Cern is definitely a satanic company that clearly is not hiding who they represent by their logo.